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“Stand by Ukraine”
Charity Foundation

Initiated by Dutch IT company Symphony Solutions “Stand by Ukraine” charity foundation is dedicated to raising funds and providing humanitarian and emergency aid to Ukraine.*
* War is disrupting the normal way of life - infrastructure, postal services, commerce. Ukrainians may be fine with provisions right now, but we can’t know about tomorrow. We take up initiative right now and refuse to stand by till it gets too complicated to help.
War in Ukraine
What is “Stand by Ukraine”?

What is
“Stand by Ukraine”?

The charity foundation “Stand by Ukraine” was initiated by Symphony Solutions specifically for the purpose of raising funds and providing humanitarian and emergency aid to Ukraine.

What does this mean?

The foundation is purchasing medication, equipment, and all other necessary humanitarian goods to provide support to Ukrainian people.


Children killed
21 018
Civilians died
7 M
Ukrainians left
140 B
Amount of
losses in USD
History repeats itself

History repeats itself

We have been through so much together. We hoped that the horror would be maintained and stagnate in 2014.

Then, February 24th happened.

Now, as Ukraine is fighting off the aggressive and unprovoked attack, we can’t stand in the back and watch the world begin to fall into ashes.

Why we have launched this initiative

Why we have launched this initiative

Symphony Solutions is a Dutch IT company with its biggest delivery center in Ukraine.

Symphony Solutions has been operating in Ukraine since 2008, but our heartfelt relationship with the country started a long time before that, ever since Theo Schnitfink, founder and CEO, first had the idea to take his great vision of a company to this country and let the talented Ukrainian IT crowd bring it to fruition.

Why we have launched this initiative
Donate to “Stand by Ukraine” charity foundation
and contribute to providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
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Our latest initiatives

We take action immediately. Symphony Solutions couldn’t stay idle and watch as Ukrainian’s suffering seemed to be doubling by the hour. Here are some of the already undertaken initiatives:
14K€ in 2 days
In two and a half days Symphonians collectively raised over 14K euros as emergency help to support the 80th Air Assault Brigade, covering all their current needs with abundance.
Profit donated
Symphony Solutions has already donated 10K euros for different initiatives to support Ukrainians in need and will continue to donate all profits made on the work that Ukrainians in Ukraine generate.
Shelter & Relocate
Symphony Solutions has turned its office into a shelter for people being displaced by the war. We help transport Symphonians and their families (women and children) over the border with Poland, where they get assistance with temporary apartments or permanent relocation.

We have already raised
156 751€

We have already raised 156 751€

Almost 1,000,000 euros have been raised by our charity fund "Stand by Ukraine”, this includes generous donations of our clients, charity auctions and personal initiatives of the Symphonians and profits donated by Symphony Solutions.

These donations are used to purchase medication, equipment, and all other necessary goods that are then shipped off to 🇺🇦Ukraine, where they find their way to Ukrainians currently fighting for their freedom.

Thank you all for your tremendous contribution 🤝

Our recent initiatives

Humanitarian sets:
Group of volunteers managed to organise food and hygiene stuff delivery to the most vulnerable groups of people - pensioners, sick people in Kharkiv. They are doing so for people in the most affected areas like Saltivka.
Medical and Protective clothing:
We purchased and delivered in big amounts the most needed medical and protective products for Ukrainian people, such as:
  • Protective clothing
  • Rehabilitation equipment
  • Ambulances
We kept on supporting shelters to accommodate people who needed temporary stay, providing hot meals, drinks and other facilities for them to feel not only secure but also more comfortable. Overall we had about 200 people who stayed in our places
We expect more donations to become available to continue our charity initiatives

In 2022, Symphony Solutions continuously supported Ukraine and its people. Watch an overview of our charity initiatives.

“This is the time to stand by Ukraine and Ukrainians. Symphony decided to donate all profits made in Ukraine to Ukrainians in need. We hope you will follow and support our cause.”

About the foundation

Registered name: Stichting Stand By Ukraine
Organizational type: Foundation
Date of incorporation: 22 April 2022
Chamber of Commerce number: 86225138
Bank account (IBAN): BE84 9675 5441 2859
Tax number (RSIN): 863900963
Postal address: Avenue Louise 54, Room S52
Website: https://standby-ukraine.com
E-mail: info@standby-ukraine.com

Charity Foundation Board

Valentyna Synenka
Srinath Parankusam
Joost Blauw
The board members do not receive any renumeration for their work, only costs related to the board performing its function, maybe compensated